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John van Orsouw, was born in s'Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands in 1954. His work is influenced by children's toy's, folk and indigenous art forms. Orsouw is a self taught artist. His schooling, however, has been the museums, the ideas, the movies and the streets of urban life both in the U.S. (New Orleans, New York City) and in Europe including his childhood home in Holland. Presently he is selling his work in New York City. His recent exhibitions include the Outsider Art Fair in New York and Paris, The 6th annual Outsider Art Exhibition at Galerie Belage in West Hampton Beach, New York , Musee de la Creation France and van der Plas gallery in New York City.


John's paintings are part child, part expressionistic brut, part music and part CoBrA. He is Dubuffet filtered through Rembrandt and Bosch via Karel Appel. He is, in the composite, pure John van Orsouw, a free spirit inspired by daily life, its sounds, its smells, its colors, its culture and its language. Spontaneity is his medium, like the jazz he celebrates in his work.



When he is working, John is in the center ring of a 3-ring circus. He is the ringmaster for the clowns, cartoons, the blues, jazz and colorful men and women. Wild-eyed dogs, cats and birds roam freely through his field of vision. As ringmaster he snaps his whip and whips his performers into recognizable shapes but in the end they all have a life of their own. His work, like the playful circus of his imagination, has been created for children of all ages! 

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