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Ms. White is an International Artist who hails from the Mohawk Nation of Akwesasne that straddles the border, of New York and Canada. She began her artistic development under the influence of her heritage and watchful eye of her Grandfather. Joni Sarah credits him as the biggest influence in her determination to accomplish her dreams. This sage man, born in 1902, against the backdrop of the St Lawrence River, encouraged her to “go everywhere and see everything.” With this endorsement, she has determined to follow that aim.


In her body of work, Joni Sarah interprets the power and inspiration of water and sky as well as the vibrance of botanical subjects.  


Having traveled throughout the world with art as her focus she has consistently expanded her vision and shown her Original Paintings in venues, which include Mexico, Beirut, Montreal, Toronto, NYC, Saratoga and Florida.  Joni Sarah divides her time throughout The Hamptons, Long Island where she has many collectors and followers and showing in the winter months in Southern Florida.

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